Ben Böhmer submits sublime remix of Worakls, ‘Red Dressed’ with EivørBen Bohmer PC IG

Ben Böhmer submits sublime remix of Worakls, ‘Red Dressed’ with Eivør

After debuting his remix of Worakl‘s “Red Dressed” aboard his hot air balloon set, Ben Böhmer has officially shared the coveted production. Landing on Worakl’s label Hungry Music, the rework marries the Berlin-based luminary’s progressive mastery with cinematic orchestration, as Böhmer widens the scope of his prodigal repertoire once more.

Derived from Worakl’s 2019 LP, Orchestra, and featuring Faroese singer Eivør, the eclectic electronica track goes through a hypnotic rebirth under Böhmer’s guidance, who calls upon computerized filters and constructive layers in making “Red Dressed” his own. Rich kick drums and flourishing cymbals bolster the delicate top lines of vocals and string solos, providing an invigorating bedrock for the ensuing sublimity. Intwining the world-influenced beauty of the original’s instrumentation with dance instincts, Böhmer delivers grace in his elevated take on the French composer’s single.

Stream below.

Featured image: Ben Böhmer/Instagram

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