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Burial previews new two-track EP with lead single, ‘Chemz’

New Burial material doesn’t come often, but when it does, the occasion calls for celebration. The elusive electronic musician has surfaced twice in a matter of weeks—first with a surprise pair of singles with collaborators Four Tet and Thom Yorke, and now, in hand with a forthcoming EP, Chemz / Dolphinz.

Sharing the lead single from the two-tracker, Burial deploys a deep investigation into ravey derivations in the lengthy “Chemz.” Traversing 90s UK hardcore, jittery breaks, and light-headed vocal samples, the garage production consolidates familiar Burial qualities into a 12-minute excursion, distinctly marked by a dizzying two-part sonic identity. The solo endeavor follows 2019 released EP, Claustro / State Forest.

“Chemz” is out now on Hyperdub. Listen below.

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