Dancing Astronaut presents the Top 100 Electronic Tracks of 2020Blank 1500 1000 4

Dancing Astronaut presents the Top 100 Electronic Tracks of 2020

Despite a year brimming with letdowns and shortcomings, 2020 enabled artists with the opportunity to stretch their creative legs throughout the time spent at home during quarantine, and the results delivered tenfold. 2020 supplied more forward-looking music than years in recent memory, with artists leveraging the absence of overwhelming tour regimens into high-grade outputs that made 2020 just a bit more bearable.

Spanning from Lane 8 and Calvin Harris, who had already cemented their lofty sonic standing early into 2020, to ODESZA and Golden Features, who had a wrench tossed into their BRONSON rollout plan, to the Swedish trifecta of BROHUG, who put up a towering count of 30 releases in 2020, there was no deficiency of artistic ingenuity from January all the way to December. To reflect on the releases from this year that still remain in our day-to-day rotation, we compiled an eclectic playlist of Dancing Astronaut’s 100 favorite tracks of 2020. Enjoy.

Featured image: Leah Sems

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