Excision’s Subsidia Records ushers in ‘Dusk Vol. 2’Dion Timmer

Excision’s Subsidia Records ushers in ‘Dusk Vol. 2’

Nearly three months to the date of Subsidia Recordsfirst release—a comprehensive four-piece package comprising three compilation LPs and one mix—Excision‘s rapidly maturing label has returned with more new content. After providing the sequel to September 28’s Night with Night Vol. 2 on December 1, Excision is emblematizing Subsidia’s release stamina with Dusk Vol. 2, stocking streamers’ queues, even as they continue to digest what came just before.

A 20-song package complete with contributions from Dion Timmer and Kaivon, GLD, Cybertr0n, YDG, and more, the sophomore member of the Dusk family provides a thunderous follow-up to the opening LP while predicting what’s yet to come: Dawn Vol. 2.

Featured image: Rukes

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