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Fairlane and sad alex melodically re-stylize ‘nature’

The most synergistic of musical matchups are those that occur organically, seamlessly falling into place and subsequently onto streaming platforms. For an example, listeners need not look further than Fairlane and sad alex‘s “nature.”

The mid-December meeting of musical minds gave speed to”nature’s” second wind. Though the Fairlane co-sign is new to the Vancouver artist’s following, the same cannot be said of sad alex’s listener base; at least, not entirely. On October 4, 2019, sad alex ushered in “nature” as part of her songs that you’ll probably never hear EP. It’s dubious that sad alex streamers would have expected she and Fairlane to sonically rub shoulders on a melodic electronic reboot one year and two months later, but the artists harness the element of surprise and use it to their advantage for a full three minutes and 21 seconds.

Lyrically candid and sonically teeming with feeling, the “nature” revisit is as much a credit to sad alex’s creative capacities as it is an extension of Fairlane’s electronic resume. Hear “nature” re-envisioned below.

Featured image: Angela Smith

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