Flux Pavilion launches quirky fan activation site ahead of ‘.wav’ releaseFlu Pavilion

Flux Pavilion launches quirky fan activation site ahead of ‘.wav’ release

Flux Pavilion is taking fan engagement to a new level with the launch of his brand new fan activation site, “Flux needs your WAV.” The theme of the site is fan engagement; Flux wants to hear fans’ voices, and the site supports just that by allowing visitors to not only answer a variety of questions on the website but also submit voice recordings.

The questions that fans can answer are nothing short of random, such as “what is the weirdest sound you can make?” as well as “what color should Flux die his hair” and “what did one rat say to the other rat?,” among others. Flux reportedly plans to highlight fan responses in future livestreams and songs, meaning that participants just might hear their answers put to use at a later date. Either way, those looking for an engaging and creative exercise will certainly be able to find it on the producer’s site.

Flux needs your WAV has been launched ahead of the artist’s 16-track album .wav, set to be released on January 21, 2021. The album is his second full-length body of work and it succeeds his 2015 debut, Tesla.

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