Flux Pavilion shares final ‘.wav’ preview, ‘I Believe’Flu Pavilion Symphony E1607372050925

Flux Pavilion shares final ‘.wav’ preview, ‘I Believe’

Flux Pavilion is back with “I Believe,” the ultimate single from his forthcoming album .wav. Originally set to release the highly anticipated album this past year, Flux Pavilion postponed the release until January 21, 2021. Gifting fans two prior singles, “You and I” featuring Kata Kozma and “Sink Your Teeth In” with Drowsy, the distinguished producer continues to keep fans itching for more.

Pairing immaculately with his other 2020 releases, “I Believe” dives deep into a pool of scintillating synths and ethereal vocals. The single makes use of a trap beat while still hanging on tightly to Pavilion’s exemplified production chops for another one-off that’s a step away from his classic dubstep format.

Featured image: @fluxpavilion/Instagram

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