GRAVEDGR and YehMe2 drop bone-rattling trap single, ‘BEAM’Screen Shot 2020 12 08 At 2.05.10 PM

GRAVEDGR and YehMe2 drop bone-rattling trap single, ‘BEAM’

GRAVEDGR and YehMe2 have been working hard throughout 2020, with the former releasing gargantuan 14-track LP 6 FEET UNDER, and the latter unveiling a slew of singles and collaborations with the likes of Father and Schade. Now, the Carnage-backed bass heavyweight GRAVEDGR has partnered with former Flosstradamus member YehMe2 for a dirty trap cut.

Landing on Thrive Records, “BEAM” opens with an assortment of ominous and deep atmospheres accompanied by a handful of big brass hits, before giving way to a high-energy buildup underlined by a bright trap snare. At the drop, the volume abruptly cuts out, and a massive pitch-bending lead slowly crescendos into devastating bass destruction. With two of trap music’s finest joining hands, the resulting product delivers nothing less than insanity.

Featured image: Moses Alexander

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