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Industry figures warn European tours may be in jeopardy following new Brexit trade deal

After the announcement of a new Brexit deal, musicians across the world could face financial issues when trying to tour the European Union once live events resume. Following the omission of musicians from the list of workers allowed to enter the EU without a visa, music industry insiders warn that the cost of touring could far outweigh any potential profits.

Founder of Step Music Management, Ellie Giles, recently tweeted a simple breakdown detailing the financial toll musicians would face in traveling overseas for live shows:

Giles walks readers through exact costs, which ultimately round out to a total of approximately £500 after withholding. This £500 gain comes at a price of about -£3976 out of this hypothetical band’s pocket.

Beginning in January, anyone from the EU that is hoping to tour inside of the UK’s borders must apply for a visa, show proof of savings and a certificate of sponsorship from the event. This new establishment will impose the same burden of paperwork that is required of artists from outside the EU onto the UK’s neighboring artists.

To try and combat this setback, the Incorporated Society of Musicians bargained for a two-year, multi-entry visa as a part of the new ruling, only to have it shot down by the Home Office. While many wait for the world to kick back into gear as more vaccines are shelled out across the globe, it is evident that live-music and touring across the pond is headed for an abrupt shift, whatever that may mean.

H/T: The Independent

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