Lost Kings share fourth top-tier piece from ‘It’s Not You’ EP, ‘Runaway’ with Destiny RogersUmfeu18b 046 Lost Kings Rukes Ultra

Lost Kings share fourth top-tier piece from ‘It’s Not You’ EP, ‘Runaway’ with Destiny Rogers

Lost Kings simply do not attach anything but high-grade production to their name. With every branch of their It’s Not You EP, Lost Kings have managed to both imaginatively reengineer their execution and maintain the precise charm that has propelled the Los Angeles duo to their current footing, and the project’s fourth piece, “Runaway” with Destiny Rogers, has validated that claim again.

Joining the Its Not You EP family of “Hurt” with DeathbyRomy, “Oops” with both Ty Dolla $ign and GASHI, and most recently, “Mountains” with MASN, “Runaway” is the Lost Kings brace at their finest. Lost Kings keep the project’s direction in check on “Runaway,” resulting in a late-night ballad that hires Destiny Rogers’ blinding sonics for a memorable fourth single. The duo spoke on the release’s course of action, explaining,

“When we started this record, we were in Palm Springs quarantining and just working on music. We’ve wanted to work with Destiny Rogers for a while, so when she sent the idea for ‘Runaway’ we were stoked. She has such a distinct vibe and sound, [and] we wanted to match that with the production. We thought giving the groove of a Miami bass feel while using the guitar to highlight her voice would be a great combo and are so happy with how this record turned out.” 

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