Malaa polishes ‘Re-Edition’ of ‘Illegal Mixtape Vol. 3’ featuring new materialMalaa E1608334755789

Malaa polishes ‘Re-Edition’ of ‘Illegal Mixtape Vol. 3’ featuring new material

Hot off the Confession presses comes a re-issue of Malaa‘s Illegal Mixtape Vol. 3 that arrives with parcel-expanding intent. After fastening the ribbon around the dastardly package of dark house hitters in mid-October and delivering its first extra with Habstrakt earlier this December, Malaa is re-upping the Illegal activity with two new tracks. The aforementioned numbers, “Onyx” and “My Mind,” sonically rub shoulders with menacing mixtape must-haves such as Malaa’s own “Hell” and “Don’t Talk,” granting Drymer and ToMix access to one of the hottest house parties in the electronic circuit: Illegal Mixtape Vol. 3 [Re-Edition].

The two newcomers—and the mixtape at large—constitute music to “rob a bank” to (to take a page out of Malaa’s descriptive playbook). Those who find their appetites whet for more Malaa can revisit the Parisian producer’s recent back-to-back set with DJ Snake, Secret Room, here.

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