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obli makes Foreign Family Collective debut with ‘Change’ EP

Well before he became a household name, Skrillex (aka Sonny Moore) was a part of a two-person outfit titled Sonny and the Blood Monkeys. After the group split and Skrillex went on to worldwide superstardom, the duo’s other half began playing bass for alt-rock group Dead Sara for the better part of the decade. Now working under the name obli, Foreign Family Collective‘s newest signing is making his mark on electronic music with his first EP, Change.

“My love and deep dive into making and listening to electronic music started a little over 5 years ago. With this EP, I was finally able to take some of my ideas and expand them into something more complete. This feels like my first step into a world I love so much and feel like I’m just discovering,” obli said of Change.

obli’s style sounds tailor-made for ODESZA’s label; indie rock and alternative influences can be heard in the backbones of the tracks, but bright electronic work gives Change a decisively upbeat tone. With years of musical experience under his belt, obli’s ventures into electronic will certainly be worth watching.

Featured image: Marcello Ambriz

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