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ODESZA are back in the studio

New ODESZA music seems to be not a matter of if, but when. While the duo’s collective BRONSON project with Golden Features is irrefutably one of the most poignant and cohesive bodies of work of the new decade thus far, three-plus years have come and gone since A Moment Apart, the third and most recent full-length effort under the ODESZA banner.

In just a two-word Instagram post, ODESZA’s Harrison Mills and Clayton Knight shared that they were taking a break from a studio session. The December 2 post resembles one that the duo shared back in October of 2019, which, in retrospect, can only be presumed to have been BRONSON-related.

Although it certainly may not seem the most substantial bit of information, ODESZA fans can come to the overwhelming consensus that it nevertheless is a promising sign from one of electronic music’s most lauded one-two combinations. By the time that live entertainment is eventually permitted to return, a tandem ODESZA and BRONSON in-person show could make for a momentous comeback.

Featured image: Roger Ho

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