See CamelPhat’s haunting visual for ‘Easier’ with LOWESCamelPhat E1602467081416

See CamelPhat’s haunting visual for ‘Easier’ with LOWES

Just one day before Halloween, CamelPhat graced fans with their very long-awaited debut album, Dark Matter. Nearly two months to the date of Dark Matter‘s release, one of the LP’s standout singles, “Easier” featuring LOWES, is getting a visual treatment.

Dynamic dancing in a club in the most abstract of ways describes just what proceeds in the music video for “Easier,” which follows MK‘s recent remix of the Dark Matter inclusion. A series of dancers take over the dance floor in dark underground locations that befit the general mood of the song’s sonics. The track has a hint of darkness that the music video embodies, setting the stage for the pulsing visual that proves the perfect accompaniment to the haunting yet energizing single.

Featured image: BBC Radio 1

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