Super Duper tops off breakout year with live ‘TRILOGY’ performanceSuper Duper 55

Super Duper tops off breakout year with live ‘TRILOGY’ performance

Following the success of his debut album, HALLELUJAH!, Nashville-based producer Super Duper decided to celebrate by performing some of the LP’s standout tracks around his home city. Premiered on Space Yacht‘s weekly Twitch livestream, the live outing, “TRILOGY,” represents his sonically pleasing sound and elevates the 2020 project’s luminescent visuals.

Filmed in three locations, ranging from an open field in the outskirts of Nashville to a rooftop overlooking the city and an abandoned warehouse with LED lighting and effects, TRILOGY will absorb viewers with its varying settings and finales as it focalizes Super Duper’s unwavering creativity. HALLELUJAH! is the culmination of the years Super Duper has spent crafting his sound and honing a sonic vision. The LP follows strong results from a string of projects over the years, with his unique, vibrant production style reaching the ears of big name brands including Peloton, Google, ESPN, Lexus, and more for various campaign soundtracks.

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