Tulum Burning Man-style festival results in rippling COVID-19 spreadTulum Art With Me FB

Tulum Burning Man-style festival results in rippling COVID-19 spread

A COVID-19 outbreak has been linked with Tulum festival Art With Me. Having taken place November 11-15, the Burning Man-style event observed hundreds of attendees congregate in Mexico for the community-driven music, arts, and wellness experience. Following the festival, numerous festival-goers and performers tested positive, quickly escalating the party into COVID superspreader status.

Travelers have also brought the virus back into the U.S. where medical professionals have traced positive cases back to the festival. Founder of Checkmate Health Strategies Eleonara Walczak spoke to her private testing company’s results, stating,

“I would say that 60-70 percent of my positives in the last couple weeks in New York City have been a direct result of either people coming back from Art With Me, or who have been directly exposed to someone who attended Art With Me. And I test in Miami as well, and my testers there tell me that a lot of their positives are people coming back from Art With Me.”

Mexico currently has over 1 million cases of COVID-19 and more than 100,000 deaths. Art With Me and its 21 hotel partners have not yet provided a statement.

Via: The Daily Beast

Featured image: Art With Me/Facebook

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