Carl Cox goes in for an hour-long drum ‘n’ bass mix on Edible RecordsIMG 8854 E1610074910481

Carl Cox goes in for an hour-long drum ‘n’ bass mix on Edible Records

Carl Cox has delivered a special guest mix for Eats Everything‘s 201st episode of his “Edible Beats” radio show. The veteran DJ embraces his UK underground roots by diving into a heavy mix of drum ‘n’ bass tunes featuring the likes of Netsky, DC Breaks, Total Science, DJ Marky & SPY, Commix, Shy FX, and more. Edible Records label owner Eats Everything said about the mix,

“Probably one of our proudest moments on Edible Beats…Carl Cox has delivered a special NYE guest mix for you AND it’s an hour of Drum & Bass! This one is an absolute belter, LET’S GO!”

Drum ‘n’ bass mixes from Cox are a rare sighting, with the New Year’s Eve special marking his first one since 2018, with the last one before that being seven years prior. Taking on a radio show given preference to hosting house and techno, Cox demonstrates his dance music legion and acclaimed mixing capabilities are not bound by one genre.

Listen to Carl Cox’s special drum ‘n’ bass guest mix on “Edible Beats” below.

Featured image: Global Dance Electronic

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