Habstrakt puts the bass house spin on Nitepunk’s ‘Flow’Habstrakt PC Emp Media

Habstrakt puts the bass house spin on Nitepunk’s ‘Flow’

Habstrakt primes himself for another yearly round of bass takeover as he puts forth his first release of 2021. Recruited by young gun Nitepunk for a remix of his single “Flow,” the Frenchman takes on the former’s HARD Recs label debut with a sinister four-on-the-floor spin.

Previously crossing paths when Nitepunk appeared on Habstrakt’s remix package for “The One,” the two producers now trade favors again. Transforming the breaks-heavy production into a steady bass house endeavor, Habstrakt injects skittering hi-hats and dark bass line steps into his reimagined delivery, maneuvering the underground components of the predecessor into more club-heavy proceedings. Less raucous than the original, but equally hard-hitting, Habstrakt’s remix deals out a low-profile groove with massive impact.

Stream Habstrakt’s remix of “Flow” below.

Featured image: EMP Media

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