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Lindsey Stirling and Mako craft poignant tribute, ‘Lose You Now’

After their paths initially intersected on “Love Goes On And On,” of Lindsey Stirling‘s 2019 LP, Artemis, the violinist and Mako can be found creatively colliding once more on “Lose You Now.” The poignant production is something borrowed, yet something new. Though now known to listeners as “Lose You Now,” the track can be traced back to Stirling’s fifth studio album (Artemis), whereupon it appeared in a purely instrumental format, “Guardian.” Following her father’s death, Stirling sought a “special vocal to accompany ‘Guardian,'” according to Mako, who would go on to pen the words to the tribute to Stirling’s late father, “Lose You Now.”

“I am so grateful for Mako for the lyrics he wrote to ‘Lose You Now’ because he perfectly captured the feelings I’d never been able to put into words,” Stirling said. “I actually bawled like a baby the first time I heard his version. I felt like my father and best friend (both of whom have passed away) were giving me a big warm hug.”

“Lose You Now” is accompanied by a visual that emotionally embraces the motifs of loss, grief, and memory as it simultaneously celebrates the life of Stirling’s father, among other loved ones. Stirling detailed the personal significance of the music video, stating,

“Creating this song and the music video has brought me a sense of peace. The video is full of special memories and signs that represent the people I’ve lost. I used to have cereal picnics with my dad. Whenever I see a monarch butterfly, I feel like my friend Gavi is checking in on me. The little fox stuffed animal represents my baby niece, who passed away this summer. These little Easter eggs and many more make this video so special to me. Now, as we release it, I hope to share that hug and healing with the world. We can all use it right now.”

Featured image: Lindsay Fishman

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