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STMPD RCRDS confirms Martin Garrix’s Tomorrowland NYE set served up 10 incoming label IDs

Between Martin Garrix‘s Tomorrowland Around the World showing and his one-hour marathon for the festival’s New Year’s Eve follow-up, there’s been a crushing measure of unnamed music introduced from the STMPD RCRDS vaults—18 IDs, to be exact. Garrix had originally disclosed that his Melodia stage appearance on 2020’s final evening would serve up nine unidentified releases, and on 2021’s inaugural day, STMPD RCRDS validated that claim with one more addition, bringing the grand tally to an even 10 IDs.

Pulling out Shazam and attempting to pinpoint the names behind the IDs in real-time is always entertaining, and Martin Garrix’s hour on New Year’s Eve as the clock crept towards midnight brought out the best in that. While we await official confirmation of just who is involved with the IDs in the coming weeks and months, a handful—if not all—of the unspecified tracks now seem to have a potential name attached. Fans, as well as some artists themselves, entered STMPD RCRDS’ Instagram comments to recognize Matisse & Sadko at number one, Julian Jordan at number six, Bleu Clair and OOTORO’s collaboration at number seven, DubVision at number 10, as well as other speculated and confirmed inclusions from Aspyer, Julian Calor, Seth Hills, WILL K, MNNR, and maybe even something from Ytram from slide number four.

It remains to be seen if these predictions hold true, but all 10 of the IDs can be previewed on STMPD RCRDS’ post below, allowing fans to decide for themselves. Tomorrowland has also now officially made the relive function of the New Year’s Eve event available through January 14.

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