Watch Diplo recreate Silk City’s ‘New Love’ in a TeslaETRAtOgAEMA

Watch Diplo recreate Silk City’s ‘New Love’ in a Tesla

Diplo‘s status as a prolific producer has become increasingly undisputed, offloading an ever-growing resume of validations—from his ability to produce diverse genres of music to his free flowing creative experimentation. Now, the artist shows off another skill: producing in a Tesla.

In a recent Instagram post, Diplo shares the first video from a forthcoming series that showcases the production technology in a Tesla. The short clip highlights him remaking newly released Silk City track, “New Love” featuring Ellie Goulding. Taking viewers through the “bones” of the track, Diplo explains how a production backdrop leads to the final product of an original release. Poking fun at the in-car studio, he writes,

“You don’t need an expensive studio to make great music.. just an expensive car.”

Featured image: Joe Larkin

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