AXIS 216: Mixed by DombreskyULTRA MIAMI 2019 2

AXIS 216: Mixed by Dombresky

Parisian mastermind Dombresky has surged his way up the house music hierarchy with an explosive 2020 to show for it. Dombresky added five singles and his Trust The Process Remix EP to his catalog in the past year alone, and this continuous process of expansion has already chugged ahead in 2021, recently culminating in “Down Low,” his label debut on Armada Music.

After hitting a milestone 20 million streams on his breakthrough 2019 single “Soul Sacrifice,” Dombresky is now gracing Dancing Astronaut with his groovy chops on episode 216 of The AXIS. Featuring too many blazing IDs to count, the 60-minute mix includes the aforementioned release as well as fan favorites like “Call 909” with Samaran, “Get Loose” with Shermanology, and his rework of Anabel Englund‘s “Underwater” from her debut album Messing With Magic.

The rest of the tracklist touts a selection of danceable jams, with crowd pleasers like Adelphi Music Factory’s “People Everywhere (Can You Feel It?)” and Bohemian’s “Jack Them” factoring in, as well. All this and more can blissfully be found below.

Featured image: Glen Matheny

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