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ETC!ETC! and SpydaT.E.K band together for ‘Sueltalo’ EP

Together, ETC!ETC! and SpydaT.E.K have released a three-track moombahton EP via Slow Roast Records, Sueltalo. The pair spark their energetic, Latin-influenced mastery across three tracks that feature emphatic drums and rhythms, and brimming down-tempo club grooves. Los Angeles native ETC!ETC! said of the project,

“The inspiration on this EP was really the song ‘Dale’ featuring Joelii. It started with an idea that I sent over to SpydaT.E.K and we started jamming out to it. After, we sent it over to Joelii and he really killed the vocals! And it got the ball rolling…it made us so hype we wrote Sueltalo after, which means ‘let loose’ because it’s what we were doing in the studio! The two tracks were just how we were feeling in the moment, and you can tell they are both fun tracks!”

The three-track moombahton EP convenes ETC!ETC! and SpydaT.E.K’s vigorous production elements with gravitating basslines and heavy drum grooves. Listen to ETC!ETC! and SpydaT.E.K’s Sueltalo EP below.

Featured image: ETC!ETC!/ Facebook

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