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Fransis Derelle canvasses his sophomore Monstercat single ‘Same Mistake’ [Q&A]

Fransis Derelle has returned to Monstercat with his second label single, “Same Mistake,” featuring vocalist Josh Rubin. The melodic bass track follows the Utah producer’s Monstercat debut, “Ember,” with CRaymak and HVDES. Notably, “Same Mistake” is the latest to appear on the Rocket League x Monstercat in-game radio playlist.

“Same Mistake” marries resonating atmospheres with emotive basslines and Rubin’s vocals, which embody a fiery display of emotion. Of the single, Fransis said,

“’Same Mistake’ is one of my personal favorites. We wanted to display true emotion through music and that’s something I feel like we were able to accomplish.”

Within the past few years, the Salt Lake City-based producer’s unique brand has gained the interest of some of electronic music’s most prominent labels and festivals including Monstercat, Circus Records, Subsidia, and Buygore, not to mention Countdown NYE, Imagine Fest, Global Dance Festival, and Das Energi.

Dancing Astronaut caught up with Derelle to learn more about his latest track. Find “Same Mistake” and the Q&A below.

How were you introduced to electronic music and how did that lead to your most recent Monstercat release, “Same Mistake?”

Fransis: “I was introduced to electronic music back in 2008 when some friends and I went to our first show. At the time, I was listening to music from deadmau5, Kaskade, Dash Berlin, and Armin van Buuren. So in a sense, I have always been into the more melodic styles of music. I think this has a big influence on how I write now.”

Can you describe your creative process for “Same Mistake?”

Fransis: “The songwriting process with this was a little different since Josh Rubin sent me the acapella first. With ‘Same Mistake,’ I wanted to make something that matched his emotion and brought out the meanings of his words even more. I feel like I was able to write better with this one because I was in love with it from the start. All I could ever think about was working on it. Everything just flowed so well. With my songs I usually try to make the super saws the focal point, but with this I wanted to simplify it a bit more and focus on melody and drums.” 

What is the dance music scene like in Utah where you are currently based?

Fransis: “The dance scene is Utah is very underrated. We don’t have the biggest producer pool here, but with productions schools like SLDP, I feel like that will change soon. As for shows, they are absolutely amazing. The vibes and energy are always at a high. Thanks to promoters such as V2, we are seeing a bigger incline in talent and production brought to the state. When shows and festivals come back around, I have a feeling things are going to be bigger and better than ever.”

Being that “Same Mistake” landed on Rocket League, can you talk a bit about where you see gaming and music going in the near future?

Fransis: “I’ve always said that gaming is the future. Music and gaming go hand in hand. I could see there being more in-game concerts and artist releasing via gaming platforms. What would be cool to see is gaming festivals where there are artist performances along with tournaments or some form of competitive play.”

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