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KAYTRANADA shares funky new single ‘Caution’

With his first single of 2021, KAYTRANADA is back with the ultra-funky “Caution.” A Kaytra production is always immediately recognizable, and “Caution” fits the mold with groovy synth work and inimitable tight percussion. KAYTRANADA first debuted the single on Tik Tok as apart of the app’s Black History Month celebration.

After his seminal 2019 album BUBBA, the Montreal-based producer kept his 2020 busy with a steady stream of singles, including collaborations with Lou Phelps and Buddy. Kaytra also released the BUBBA instrumentals last year, and just teased releasing remixes from his sophomore album. Additionally, KAYTRANADA recently performed live sets for Adult Swim and Mellow Mellow Radio‘s first episode.

Featured image: Matt Cowan / Getty

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