Martin Garrix travels to his deepest depths on unexpected Tove Lo pairing, ‘Pressure’Dwp19a 116

Martin Garrix travels to his deepest depths on unexpected Tove Lo pairing, ‘Pressure’

Martin Garrix is back.

Look at the past half-decade and beyond, and there’s a decisive argument to be made that whenever Martin Garrix has tried his hand at an unheard-of direction in the context of his own release history, whether it be his then-newfound house route on “Forbidden Voices,” future bass on “In The Name Of Love” with Bebe Rexha, or even his club-leaning Ytram persona, he’s repeatedly managed to maintain his preeminence. That trend now continues with a grand slam first at-bat of 2021. For his first true appearance under his sovereign banner since “Higher Ground” in May of 2020, Martin Garrix is making an opportune return with what is potentially his most unprecedented liaison to date, “Pressure” with Tove Lo.

Considering the recent package of AREA21 album teasers, the collaboration’s arrival seems all but expected, yet back in December of 2020, Tinie Tempah first previewed an early reading of “Pressure” that used different vocals. The single unchallengeably ventures to the deepest and darkest depths of the Garrix lineage, sitting far beyond the scope of anything he’s ever done as either Ytram or GRX, making it clear that the STMPD RCRDS don wasn’t capping his nearly nine-month release intermission without something worthwhile.

“Pressure” is cleverly pieced together from top to bottom, with Tove Lo steadily guiding its way on top of an after-hours bassline that certifiably explores past Garrix time-tested production extremities. Whether or not you were anticipating this Garrix direction, you have to—at the bare minimum—admire his willingness to continually mature his sound and keep everyone on their toes.

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