Sofi Tukker remix Rodrigo y Gabriela and Pelé’s ‘Acredita No Véio (Listen To The Old Man)’   ​Mgid Ao Image Mtv

Sofi Tukker remix Rodrigo y Gabriela and Pelé’s ‘Acredita No Véio (Listen To The Old Man)’   ​

Sofi Tukker have remixed Rodrigo y Gabriela’s unique collaboration with legendary Brazilian soccer player Pelé, “Acredita No Véio (Listen To The Old Man).” The Florida-based pair retouch the Grammy-winning Mexican duo’s clap-along tune with gripping guitar hooks and enchanting melodies, bridging together a unique contrast of multi-cultural elements into a singular track.

Sophie and Tucker have expressed their long-standing interest in Brazilian and Portuguese culture through the course of over 300 livestreamed DJ sets on Insomniac TV’s House Tuesday, conveying their pleasure of those sets and their love of Brazil to assemble an elated set of cultural sounds and rhythms. The Grammy-nominated duo spoke of the opportunity to remix the track stating,

“Growing up, we both heard about the greatest soccer player of all time, Pelé. He always felt like more of a myth or a god than a real human. Sophie’s imaginary friend growing up was even named Pelé after him. The fact that we got to work on a song of his was a surreal experience. But we didn’t just do it because of who he is. The song is awesome and it makes us want to dance. The children’s voices are so uplifting and the way he laughs at the end really makes us smile. Also of course we love Brazilian Portuguese passionately, so all around it was a dream.”

“Acredita No Véio” was originally written by Pelé in 2005 while collaborating with avant-garde jazz musician Ruria Duprat. Producer Jorge Berlanga suggested that Rodrigo y Gabriel should rework the tribute track to composer Armando Manzanero. Sofi Tukker’s remix follows their recently released single “Spa,” with Icona Pop and house heater, “Emergency,” a song inspired by real-life events.

Listen to Sofi Tukker’s remix of “Acredita No Véio (Listen To The Old Man)” below.

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