Spotify announces HiFi streaming option coming soonSpotify

Spotify announces HiFi streaming option coming soon

Spotify has announced plans to offer high fidelity (HiFi) music streaming for subscribers. The HiFi option, which will begin in select markets later this year, will be a paid upgrade. Pricing and exact roll out dates have not yet been made public.

HiFi streaming is defined by Spotify as “CD-quality, lossless audio.” In 2017, Tidal partnered with Master Quality Authenticated to first bring HiFi music streaming to its platform. Until now, Tidal has been the only service to offer HiFi to retail users. Spotify’s major competitors, namely Apple Music, have not publicly shared plans to upgrade to HiFi.

Spotify made the announcement at the recent Stream On event, where the streaming giant also shared plans to expand into more than 80 countries. At the beginning of February, Spotify’s earnings report revealed that the platform has grown to 345 million monthly active users and 155 million subscribers.

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