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70% of DJs retrained during pandemic, according to study

A new study conducted by Pirate Studios revealed insights into how DJs have navigated the COVID-19 pandemic in their relationship with music, skill training, and more.

Surveying around 20000 participants, the results showed that 70% of DJs either retrained or acquired a new skill due to the pandemic. The study found that 26% of DJs are less likely to pursue a career in music after COVID-19 and 20% weren’t sure. However, the majority of participants at 54% still noted interest in pursuing a career.

The survey also found that 54% of artists had experienced a loss of revenue and of the 21% that applied for unemployment benefits, only 13.5% actually received it.

On the flip side, 67% of DJs believed COVID-19 had positively impacted the industry in some ways—one aspect being the rise of streaming on platforms such as Twitch. Read the full report here.

Featured image: Andrija Kova

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