Baauer’s back, and his latest is required listening—stream ‘DDOKBOKKI’Screen Shot 2020 08 10 At 6.00.47 PM

Baauer’s back, and his latest is required listening—stream ‘DDOKBOKKI’

One of the industry’s niftiest forces is back and bolder than ever. That’s right, we’re talking about Baauer, who’s notching his first original of 2021 a la “DDOKBOKKI.” You can try saying that three times fast, or you can do what we’re doing: smashing the “stream” button.

After picking up his first-ever Grammy Award nomination for his sophomore long-form, PLANETS MAD, which was not only considered for “Best Dance/Electronic Album” honors but also landed on Dancing Astronaut‘s list of the Top 20 Electronic Albums of 2020, Baauer is back to business. More specifically, he’s bursting out of the 2021 gate with “DDOKBOKKI.” The one-off is full of flavor and, thanks to a fateful DM exchange, involves Balming Tiger frontman Omega Sapien. Powered in part by resounding 808s and punchy energy, “DDOKBOKKI” finds Baauer making his presence felt in the new year—and it feels damn good.

Featured image: Todd Owyoung / Red Bull Content Pool Photo

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