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Effin completes a dubstep sandwich with new single ‘Bread’

Effin continues to make waves in the bass music scene with his unique and recognizable sound design. After previously releasing a slew of sonic dubstep ingredients, “Cabbage,” “Cheese,” “Onion,” and “Beef,” the formidable producer has returned to Never Say Die once again to complete the sandwich with two slices of “Bread.”

One of the most crucial ingredients of the sandwich, Effin holds nothing back on “Bread.” The track opens with a variety of gorgeous pads and FX sprinkled with vocal chops and tantalizing ear candy. Moving immediately into a buildup, “Bread” crumbles apart into a devastating bass drop that features a bright, punchy synth interspersed with signature Effin growls. Effin’s plethora of sandwich-themed releases has resulted in an unforgettable delicacy for headbangers.

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