Good Morning Mix: Enter Carl Cox’s dimension-warping Megastructure at Ultra 2018Carl Co Megastructure Ultra 2018 1

Good Morning Mix: Enter Carl Cox’s dimension-warping Megastructure at Ultra 2018

Festival-goers may flock to Bayfront Park for a multitude of reasons annually. The famed Megastructure in itself is case enough. When Carl Cox played Ultra for the first time in 2001 a mere three years shy of the festival’s inception, no one could have predicted that the subsequent union between Cox and Ultra would forever change the landscape of the three-day event. A decade later, the gargantuan honeycomb anatomy known as the Carl Cox Megastructure officially debuted.

Paired with Ultra’s lauded RESISTANCE concept, Cox’s Megastructure has long attracted avid techno and house savants seeking total immersion in the deep crevices of the underground. A step inside the domelike configuration is a time-warping dimension of its own—an inferno of lasers, psychedelic visuals, hypnotic sonics, pure adrenaline—catering to the partygoers who come and go, and the ones who stay all night.

Cox’s two-day Ultra 2018 takeover exemplifies why the UK globetrotter has been described as one of the best house and techno DJs of recent times. With nonstop deck surveillance and impeccable mixing, the megastar serves up a nearly two-hour set strewn with blood-pumping cuts from Dense & Pika, CamelPhat, UMEK, and more. And, one thing’s certain; Cox is the conductor, RESISTANCE is the train.

Relive Carl Cox’s Ultra 2018 Day 1 set below.

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