Google Arts & Culture celebrates electronic music history with new online exhibitionRetro Ravers London 1988 Credit Marcus Graham Dancing Astronaut

Google Arts & Culture celebrates electronic music history with new online exhibition

Google Arts & Culture has partnered with more than 50 industry tastemakers and insiders for an expansive new online exhibition, “Music, Makers & Machines.” Pieced together as an digital museum, the free-to-use space is an interactive electronic music encyclopedia of sorts, inviting users to traverse the cultural, technological, and sonic roots of today’s blooming dance music scene.

Preservation of culture is essential, and becomes even more so when considering the flavor-of-the-week dynamics of modern dance music. Across more than 200 individual exhibits, “Music, Makers & Machines” serves as an observable time capsule, not only shedding light on the gear and subcultures that lay as the foundations of the scene, but also crediting the diverse roster of pioneers whose innovation elevated electronic music to its modern day heights. Through “Music, Makers & Machines,” fans can visit Berlin’s coveted techno institution, Berghain, play with classic synths using augmented reality, explore the contributions to the scene from gay and Black subcultures, and much more.

Between thousands of archived photos and videos, 360-degree tours of international clubs and museums, and nods to niche subgenres like gabber and dangdut, an Indonesian grassroots genre, it’s clear that “Music, Makers & Machines” is not only a passion project, but one well worth visiting. Visit Google Arts & Culture’s vast new exhibition here.

Featured image: Marcus Graham

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