ilan Bluestone locks in emphatic sophomore LP ‘Impulse’ with Ellen Smith reunion, ‘Stranger To Your Love’Ilan Bluestone

ilan Bluestone locks in emphatic sophomore LP ‘Impulse’ with Ellen Smith reunion, ‘Stranger To Your Love’

ilan Bluestone has given fans a lot to look forward to. The London-based producer has not only released a new single “Stranger To Your Love” featuring Ellen Smith, but also announced his sophomore album, Impulse.

The producer informed fans that Impulse will be released on May 7 via Above & Beyond‘s Anjunabeats. Bluestone has been championed on the label for some time now, with both his debut full-length Scars and several singles finding home on Anjunabeats.

“Stranger To Your Love” is the fourth track to be released from the forthcoming Impulse, and unapologetically embraces progressive trance. Between Smith’s flowing vocals and otherworldly soundscapes, Bluestone captures the genre perfectly with this release. Having worked together on 2018 release, “Rival,” the pair will reconvene for their chemistry on the upcoming record, where Smith will be a featured vocalist on two singles.

Through Twitter, Bluestone shares that the album will feature 18 tracks and has taken him two years to complete. He also writes,

“This album is an 18 track voyage through my impulsive thought process of production & sound design, feelings and emotions that guided me to create it. I grew up producing music on ‘Impulse Tracker’; a software which was beyond my comprehension at the age of 10. But, I was determined to master how to use it to compose melodies to give me that spine tingling feeling. Growing up listening to electronic music since the 80s and 90s, I’ve used those melodic influences throughout this album- from ‘Paid For Love’ to ‘Hopeless Dreamer’ to ‘Santo.'”

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