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KING CHAIN offers ethereal remix of NICKTHEREAL’s ‘Future In Your Eyes’

Taiwanese singer and rapper NICKTHEREAL’s single “Future In Your Eyes” has received an ethereal official remix courtesy of rising Chinese bass DJ, KING CHAIN. KING CHAIN is a formidable force in the Asian electronic music scene, regularly headlining clubs and festivals across China and Taiwan. Recently, he has begun to penetrate the international market, landing official releases on multiple editions of Billboard‘s Electric Asia compilation album series.

KING CHAIN’s remix of “Future In Your Eyes” sees the talented producer step out of his self-described “Ghetto Techno” style to experiment with more of a warehouse techno vibe. Tantalizing vocals from the original remain present throughout the intro and buildup, giving way to a mesmerizing, pulsing techno drop optimized for warehouse afterparties. KING CHAIN spoke to Dancing Astronaut about the release, stating,

“Nick is a huge fan of dance music and he’s also a great DJ who has been playing at a lot of big festivals and club shows. When we talked about the music direction for this remix, people knew me as a bass and trap DJ. I instantly had this idea that I wanted to do something different.

I first started DJing with vinyls and techno music, and techno has always been my biggest passion, but unfortunately some people labeled it as more of an underground genre so I didn’t really have the courage to release a legit techno track. We totally agreed that this is the best chance for us to do what we love for dance music, so we made this remix infused with my signature ‘ghetto techno’ sound and experimented in deep levels of low frequency.”

KING CHAIN is a name to keep your eyes on in the coming months, as the Asia-based superstar embarks on a mission of international expansion. Stream the full remix below.

Featured image: Yin Chong Yi

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