Łaszewo share dreamy new single, ‘I Feel Gold’Unnamed 1

Łaszewo share dreamy new single, ‘I Feel Gold’

Łaszewo may not yet be a household name, though that’s likely soon to change. The Santa Barbara-based trio are a burgeoning production force that are in the process of building out a catalog of promising original works. The latest delivery from the group comes by way of a brand new single titled “I Feel Gold” offering a the perfect jumping in point for new fans with a dreamy percussive number that artfully captures the outfit’s dual-threat vocal electronic appeal.

The new track is likely a precursor a host of new material coming down the pike from Łaszewo later this year. The new single comes as a follow up to the group’s 2020 introduction, dropping off a favorable six-track in late November, Us in Motion. Listen to “I Feel Gold” below.

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