Oliver Heldens is back with electrifying ‘Zapdos’Oliver Heldens Photo Credit Rukes E1594043533134

Oliver Heldens is back with electrifying ‘Zapdos’

Leave it to Oliver Heldens to name a song after an electric avian Pokémon. And, true to its namesake, “Zapdos” is electrifying. This was one of many IDs dropped during Heldens’ set at the iconic Royal Concertgebouw in Amsterdam which was filmed as part of Digital Mirage Festival and posted to YouTube in June 2020.

The track is vintage Heldens and does not feature vocals but rather focuses on the uplifting beats and bass that harps back to tracks like his 2013 release “Koala.” Heldens elaborated in an Instagram post,

“When I created this track last year, I was a little bit similar mind space as when I created ‘Koala,’ which I did in 2013. They both draw inspirations from the Electro / Club sound from around 2006-2009.”

Heldens goes on to say “both Zapdos and Koala are influenced by 2012/13 UK deep house. This kind of music just doesn’t get old to me.” While “Zapdos” certainly keeps things fresh, it is damn good to have that nostalgic, club-ready sound back in full swing. “Zapdos” is Heldens second original release in 2021 following up on dance floor hit “Never Look Back” featuring Syd Silvair. Heldens also recently remixed Glass Animals’ hit song “Heat Waves”. Listen to “Zapdos” below.

Featured image: Rukes

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