Showtek featuring Sevenn  – Pum PumShowtek Pum

Showtek featuring Sevenn – Pum Pum

For over a decade the Showtek boys have never slowed down. They’ve taken some turns and dabbled in genres, but the festival anthem maestros always call back to the sound that launched their stardom. They’re back again with another over-the-top production, this time with the help of American producer Sevenn. “Pum Pum” is a party house bomb that is appropriate for only the most extreme situations. Opening with a big bouncy bass line, Dutch half add scale to the equation while Sevenn add the flair. The duo’s knack for ridiculous builds and equally obscene drops is put on full display on “Pum Pum.” The whole mess amps up into a breakdown that’s only fit for a festival stage and makes us nostalgic to stomp around Tomorrowland. But until then, there’s really not much more to say—throw it on and let it rip.

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