SIDEPIECE enter 2021 ring with ‘Temptation’SIDEPIECE E1602950295768

SIDEPIECE enter 2021 ring with ‘Temptation’

With two years since Party Favor and Nitti Gritti burst onto the scene as SIDEPIECE, the hype hasn’t slowed down any less. The pair now deliver their debut original for the year, “Temptation” while reinstating that, while the house union may just be a side project, their sonic magnitude hits as hard as ever.

SIDEPIECE’s return to the Diplo-helmed Higher Ground witnesses the two-man outfit in their funkiest and dirtiest as they sew deep bass lines amongst walking brass progressions. Engined by a soulful sample choice and littered with playful sound accessories, the house production gives a taste of the mechanics behind “On My Mind,” but shapes that idea into another more percussive-heavy life form that places itself right alongside its preceding dance floor-centric companions.

Stream SIDEPIECE’s “Temptation” below.

Featured image: Insomniac

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