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Spotify launches Loud & Clear to increase transparency around artist royalties

On the heels of SoundCloud‘s fan-powered royalties announcement, Spotify has launched a new website called Loud & Clear aimed at introducing transparency and data around the music streaming economy. The resource provides an in-depth look into the relationship between the streaming platform and the artist, with a focus on both artist payouts and how the data provided from the platform to the artist can shape the artists’ success in other areas of their careers.

The website categorizes Spotify’s artists into eight different categories, explaining concepts including average royalties generated, average listeners, and how many artists were within each category in 2020. In addition to this, the site provides a look at revenue generation over the years, showing how many artists globally generated how much—across recording and publishing for their catalog—for each of the past four years on Spotify.

The major players in music streaming have faced backlash over the payouts artists receive; public scrutiny has only increased since the suspension of wide-spread live events, which has historically been the largest revenue source for artists. Loud & Clear provides a plethora of resources, tools, and explanations to clarify exactly how the money is distributed for those looking to learn more. Watch “How The Money Flows” below for more information.

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