The BROHUG battalion bequeaths ‘Fattoush’ as constituent John Dahlbäck disperses ‘Birth’ [Stream]41349439 2185677051670318 9160278539810788231 N

The BROHUG battalion bequeaths ‘Fattoush’ as constituent John Dahlbäck disperses ‘Birth’ [Stream]

BROHUG march to the beat of their own BROHOUSE movement—and that’s just part of their beauty.

In 2021 and certainly during its 365-day prelude, John Dahlbäck, Christopher Lunde, and Niklas Lunde’s new content was subject to their command and theirs only. The result? BROHUG singles catapulted to streaming platforms—frequently across consecutive weeks—putting listeners on a consistent bass house dosing schedule. After dispersing a mammoth 30 releases in 2020, BROHUG continued to put pressure on their own craft early into 2021—and diamonds emerged. For the uninitiated, these would be the Swedish outfit’s debut album, Lockdown, and a three-course fixing of singles spanning “Fake Fake Fake,” “Do Me Right,” and “Chocolate.”

BROHUG’s decisive shuffle has stayed the course in 2021, culminating in “Fattoush”, a fourth addition to their family of one-offs this year. True to form, BROHUG can be found experimenting with accents that add a sense of novelty to their familiar bass house sound, and as some might have already presumed, on “Fattoush,” this involves Mediterranean musical flavoring.

It’s worth noting that BROHUG fans will want to save room for some more fresh material once they’ve gained their introduction to “Fattoush,” thanks to John Dahlbäck. The BROHUG constituent eyed March 12 as an enticing release date not only for “Fattoush,” but also for “Birth,” his sixth solo single of the calendar year to date. “Birth” trails March 5’s “If I Ever,” flexing Dahlbäck’s own unmatched momentum as an individual inventor.

Featured image: Doug Van Sant

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