Vanic and Fairlane see Zack Gray-assisted ‘Earn It’ to streaming platformsScreen Shot 2021 03 26 At 1.25.12 PM

Vanic and Fairlane see Zack Gray-assisted ‘Earn It’ to streaming platforms

Vancouver native Vanic dispersed a triplet of singles in the time leading up to March, and now, he’s adding a fourth to his 2021 content list—”Earn It.” Co-produced by Fairlane, the song arrives on the heels of February’s “Run.” Vanic also recruits the vocal chops of Las Vegas-based singer-songwriter Zack Gray, who delivers “Earn It’s” underlying narrative on substance abuse.

The alternative aura of Vanic’s latest is upheld by a moody electric guitar and Gray’s hushed yet impassioned topline. Gray’s verse grows even more compelling as he finds his high range over the intense taiko drums that carry “Earn It” to its forcible bass drop.

The four-on-the-floor bass break isn’t typical of Vanic, which is why the track, released via Seeking Blue Records, ultimately stands out in the context of his repertoire. The single’s distinctiveness also derives from its message concerning the destruction of relationships caused by substance abuse. Vanic explained,

“The lyrics in ‘Earn It’ are meant to depict the internal struggle experienced by a child who’s lost one of their parents to addiction.

The phrase ‘it’s like you’ve forgotten what you loved’ really ties the story together, and gives the listener a brief look into the world of substance abuse and the effects that it can have on the loved ones around you. As it can be difficult to forgive someone (even along their path towards sobriety), we felt the line ‘just come back and earn it’ did an amazing job of weighing in on the importance of working towards forgiveness and trust, not just simply asking for it.”

Vanic is expected to drop a string of singles throughout the year, followed by a studio LP in the fall. For now, listeners can stream “Earn It” below.

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