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ZAXX jumpstarts his new-age bigroom renaissance with ‘CHAOS’

Bigroom has had some pretty big shoes to fill without Hardwell’s presence, but ZAXX had made it openly clear in recent times that he’s willing to take the reins however necessary and guarantee that the “bigroom never dies” tagline holds up for as long as he’s around. After wrapping his year-long intermission last summer on Musical Freedom and Proximity, the New Yorker is backing up his promise to stand alongside labels like Revealed Recordings and Rave Culture in the genre’s new-age renaissance with “CHAOS.”

ZAXX and bigroom aren’t strangers by any stretch of the imagination, with an early-to-mid-2010s catalog that was swarmed with animated deliveries like “Annihilate” and “Alpha.” Perfectly branded, “CHAOS” immediately picks back up where ZAXX left off before venturing into the indie-electronic space, emerging straight out of an unopened treasure chest from 2013 or 2014. ZAXX explained why he decided to return to the genre that jumpstarted his career, stating,

“This track is an ode to my older big room style – pretty but hard at the same time. I like to make songs with unexpected drops, I never want my sound to be predictable. Big Room will always have a place in my heart and I really want to bring it back, in my opinion it’s one of the most pure forms of electronic music because you can do so much with it, I fully intend to innovate the genre and keep it alive for the new generation to enjoy.”

Featured image: ZAXX/Twitter

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