Zeds Dead deliver new ‘Catching Z’s’ mixtape on Altered StatesZeds Dead Ubbi Dubbi 2019

Zeds Dead deliver new ‘Catching Z’s’ mixtape on Altered States

Zeds Dead have shared the highly-anticipated first release from their new Altered States label with a brand new Catching Z’s mixtape. The 13-track mixtape is the first original, non-collaborative release of Zeds Dead’s since 2016. 

Catching Z’s had been led by the single “late night drive” earlier this month. Along with the mixtape’s full release, Zeds Dead shared a Catching Z’s visual experience on YouTube, featuring blurry roads, nighttime drives, spinning dust storms, shaking cities, and foggy skies to listen to. 

The plucky single “exit row” features vocals from Elliot Moss, while Jenna Pemkowski sings over the echoing soundscapes on “i think you’re cool.” The rest of the tracks on the mixtape don’t include any features, only hosting Zeds Dead dreaming spaces. 

The Canadian bass duo started their Catching Z’s series four years ago, the pair sharing the delicate mixes via Soundcloud. After a three-year hiatus from the series, Zeds Dead shared the third mix in March 2020. Limited edition vinyl for the new Catching Z’s mixtape had sold out within a single day, prompting Zeds Dead to add more. 

Altered States was launched in celebration of the five-year anniversary of Zeds Dead’s Deadbeats imprint, which had also been kicked off with an album from the duo, Northern Lights. Altered States intends to take listeners away from the bass-heavy sounds found on Deadbeats, and bring them to ethereal soundscapes and altered consciousness. 

Last year, Zeds Dead highlighted the talent curated on their Deadbeats record label with a compilation tape, We Are Deadbeats Vol. 4. Different from past compilations on the label, Zeds Dead chose to collaborate with their variety of talent on each track. Later on, in December, they went far into their vault and released The Lost Tapes Vol. 1 on Soundcloud and Bandcamp.

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