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Burning Man coordinators contemplate COVID-19 vaccine mandate for entry

No vaccine, no entry? That just might be in the cards for Burning Man—should coordinators move forward with the festival’s 2021 installment. Although an official announcement regarding the event’s operating status has yet to be made, organizers are reportedly considering making vaccination mandatory for attendees. Burning Man CEO Marian Goodell said in a video shared via The Burning Man Journal,

“We are super aware [of concerts] and thank you for your feedback, and we are weighing the gravity of what that does. And we know that [mandatory vaccination] challenges the concepts of radical inclusion, but at this point we kind of look at the ten principles as kind of a body or work, and civic responsibility weighs in there heavily.” 

Specifics regarding how the festival would check for proof of vaccination have not yet been revealed; however, Burning Man is not the only event that is deliberating the value of vaccine passports. Places such as Ibiza, the United Kingdom, and New York City are also considering the medium for entry into certain spaces.

Via: The Burning Man Journal

Featured image: Bob Wick

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