Discrete, Ouse, Dyland Fuentes, Kiesza – Drown In MeDiscrete Kiesza

Discrete, Ouse, Dyland Fuentes, Kiesza – Drown In Me

Swedish dance-pop producer Discrete returns with the dynamic, world-spanning single “Drown in Me.” The track pulls together artists from across the globe—Canadian pop hitmaker Kiesza, Icelandic singer/songwriter Ouse, and Colombian artist/actor Dylan Fuentes—uniting them in a technicolor swirl of pure pop energy. Discrete has spent the last few years developing a euphoric take on pop informed by the ecstatic sounds of dancefloors across the globe. “Drown in Me” is testament to this hard work, effortlessly combining the talents of three vibrant, diverse artists into one blissful output. Kiesza, Ouse, and Dyland shine while Discrete’s production shimmers in neon with a insistent driving beat and shimmering synths. First written in 2019, “Drown In Me” sat dormant until the strangeness of 2020 brought it out of hiding. The trio contributed to the song remotely but the intimacy and fluidity of the project feels like they were in the same room. The result is a bombastic romp with swinging percussion infused with Latin elements.

“Drown in Me” follows a productive 2020 for Discrete, which included the release of his debut EP,  EXPLORE, a collection of dancefloor-filling tracks that demonstrate his ear for gleaming, gleeful instrumentals and winning pop melodies. Watch him in 2021 for more killer productions and earworm-inducing releases.

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