Felix Cartal & Kiiara release music video for ‘Happy Hour’Still Feli Cartal Kiiara Happy Hour Music Video

Felix Cartal & Kiiara release music video for ‘Happy Hour’

Felix Cartal the platinum producer/DJ and Kiiara, the astonishing pop sensation, have released the music video for their hit single “Happy Hour.” A call to treat every night with reckless abandon, the music video is as go-go-go as the track itself. An adventure through dive bars, drunken karaoke sessions and mysterious shots of blue liquid, “Happy Hour” captures all of the poor choices and incredible memories that we’ve all been missing the past year. Here’s to spirited calls for adventure in the second half of 2021. Are you ready to lose yourself again to dingy bars and late nights out? Because Felix Cartal and Kiiara certainly are.

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