Kohmi and KinAhau fire off their scorching Secret Room opener, ‘Blink’Screen Shot 2021 04 18 At 4.30.06 PM

Kohmi and KinAhau fire off their scorching Secret Room opener, ‘Blink’

When DJ Snake and Malaa stepped inside the Secret Room for the first time this past December, they kindled their two-way stream with an unreleased selection that was quickly traced back to both Kohmi and KinAhau. Hands down one of the most solicited pieces from any of the French cohorts’ three virtual showings in the last year—or any virtual set in general for that matter—”Blink” has now officially departed the undisclosed location and taken a permanent residence within Monstercat.

If the names Kohmi and KinAhau don’t immediately ring a bell, don’t count on that prevailing because despite having only established their presence within the last 12 months, the two enigmatic producers have already bonded themselves to an arising division of sharp-witted house minds. “Blink” lit social media ablaze when the Parisians activated their original Secret Room go-around, and its final form lived up to why we were tweeting about it from the get-go. Further stretching the horizonless craft that the respective French and Spain-based producers have put forth in their abbreviated stay thus far, “Blink” truly served as the single most ideal ground zero to Snake and Malaa’s Secret Room stream, holding onto its darkened temper of high-end tech house.

Featured image: KinAhau/Instagram

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