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NERO take on Genesis for latest Audius remix drop

NERO have taken on Genesis’ 1983 hit, “Mama” for their latest remix, landing just weeks after reworks of Daft Punk, Frankie Goes to Hollywood, and Tame Impala all surfaced on emerging streamer Audius. Flipping the original into a moody, warehouse-ready mid-tempo house cut, NERO take Genesis’ distorted, reverb-laden groundwork and make it entirely their own with a dark, pensive, tech-inspired backdrop. “Mama” proves to be ripe for electronic experimentation, with the original work’s drum machine programming and progressive rock roots on full, albeit modified display.

NERO’s return comes in the wake of the 10-year anniversary of the group’s seminal debut album, Welcome Reality. Now, with Audius’ decentralized, blockchain-based platform, artists are essentially free to upload anything at will, with NERO at the forefront of what will likely be a resurgent wave of unofficial edits, remixes, and previously unreleasable setlist gems headed to the streaming site.

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