Porter Robinson scripts his own renaissance on ‘Nurture’ [Stream]EMgbM gAEHMA

Porter Robinson scripts his own renaissance on ‘Nurture’ [Stream]

Spanning the eras of Spitfire, Worlds, Virtual Self, and now Nurture, it’s been a surreal ride for Porter Robinson as both a human being and a musician. In the wake of seven lengthy years—during which Robinson rallied past overwhelming bouts of anxiety and self-doubt, causing him to question whether he even had the capacity to carry on as an artist—Nurture has officially anchored down in all of its rich, 14-track grandeur to usher in a rhapsodic sophomore renaissance of Porter Robinson.

Though COVID-19’s detriments have been well-documented, for Robinson, it carried a silver lining: the opportunity to not only further toy with the body of work that would inevitably be stood up against his seminal magnum opus, but also to amplify the amount of music he’d eventually turn in. The free-spoken album artwork—Robinson, planted in a sea of grass— spoke for itself; Nurture would seep with the ingenuity that the LP’s buildup had already paraded through the likes of “Something Comforting,” “Mirror,” and “Look at the Sky.

As expected, Nurture can only be appositely absorbed in the form of a front-to-back walkthrough, a compelling course that includes the LP’s tear-jerking curtain-raiser “Lifelike,” the raw instrumentals on “Wind Tempos,” and another first-row view of Robinson’s 360-degree credentials through the usage of an unfeigned, filtered variation of his vocals on perhaps the LP’s most wholehearted draftee, “Mother.” In sum, Nurture provides justification for the unanimity that prevails, even following a seven-year interval between LPs, that a seat at the summit of electronic royalty had always abided, with Porter Robinson’s name on it.

As the time to Nurture‘s translation from LP to livestream ticks down, with his finale performance during the Secret Sky follow-up on April 24, listeners can start the Nurture memorization period below.

Featured image: Jasmine Safaeian

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